Surprise!!! @ 12th Week

Day: 10 11+1

This was THE biggest surprise of my life! I went in for the first ultrasound, we found out that we’re expecting in early November through a home test and I was curious to find out how far along the pregnancy was since I never really had any sickness or reaction, the only reason I did a home test was because my stomach had a little bit discomfort. Michael was away for work, he actually just left for DC early that morning.

So here I was, laying on the bed, all of a sudden the nurse practitioner said, “wow!” I was like, “what?” She turned the computer screen and I realized right away, there were two sacs on the screen and two little guys floating, swimming around. It was too cute…I was thrilled and the NP said it looks like they are about in the middle of 11 weeks. Because it’s a twin pregnancy, they referred me right away to an ultrasound specialist Dr. Deigan, since he needs to get the ultrasound done to eliminate the Down syndrome before 13 weeks, and we were leaving for Costa Rica soon.

Left: The Twins; Middle: Twin B, closer to the surface, lives on the left side; Right: Twin A, lives on the right side

Dr. Deigan determined the due date will be June 27th, 2010, so the twins were between 11 weeks plus 1~3 days. And he measured the markers including looking at whether there’s thickened nuchal fold, or thickening on the back of the neck; looking for the nasal bones, his calculation is 1/7000 and 1/23,000 chance of risks; so that’s pretty good indicator that they do not have Down Syndrome.

By the time I got home from two doctors’ visits, and lunch at Whole Foods, Michael already got in DC, I remember my body was still shaking from the thrill, and we were IMing each other like we always do. I told him that I have news, but it’s not bad news – he guessed it – twins? I really wish he was with me that day to share the excitement but we both felt so blessed, we wanted two kids (and hopefully only two) so it was indeed great news!


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