Costa Rica Scare @ 12th Week

Day: 10 11+6

We booked our trip before we found out that we’re pregnant so we decided to go on the trip anyway. It was the last day of 12th week (Dec 12, 2009) and the day before our flight, I was on my feet all day, cooking, preparing snacks for the trip. It was until 1am I finally got everything done and was able to jump in the shower, I remember my feet were so tired and I could barely stand in the shower. We slept for about 3 hours and got up around 4:30am to catch the flight. The two legs of the flights were 1.5 hours then 3 hours, it wasn’t too long but I started feeling the pain in my lower belly, as if someone poking my belly with a needle, I figured it would go away but it actually lasted for a while. Once we got into San Jose, I went to the restroom, and to my surprise, I was bleeding, not too severe but scary enough to make me panic – I never expected spotting or bleeding, especially during the first trimester (although later on I learned that any spotting or bleeding is abnormal during 2nd and 3rd trimester). Here I am – at the airport in a country where I don’t speak their language! I told Michael, Junjie and Lijuan, we decided to talk to someone at the airport, they did find a doctor at the airport with Red Cross, but he didn’t speak English so we had to find someone to translate for us. He was really nice and didn’t seem to worry too much, just asked me to rest as much as I can.

I was seriously concerned, but Michael seemed very calm throughout the whole scare, we set out for Arenal, a 3-hr ride in the van we rented. The road condition in Costa Rica is not too great. I still could feel the pain and had to lay down (thank goodness we had our private transportation). Once we arrived at Tabacon, I was pretty much confined in the hotel room for the following 3 days, although it was the most beautiful place to be confined, I love Tabacon, so beautiful and relaxing. During those days I was pretty tired and felt the discomfort moving around too much…I remember I had to move very slowly. I tried to contact my doctors, of the three I tried, Dr. Gil and Dr. Deigan (ultrasound specialist) wrote back but my OB didn’t provide an email address and wasn’t willing to talk to Shannon, who I asked to place a phone call for me. Both Dr. Gil and Dr. Deigan asked me not to worry about it too much unless the bleeding becomes more severe. I had to say I was in fear, and couldn’t think of losing the twins I just got to know a few days ago – 1 in 5 pregnancies ends up in miscarriage and 80% of those take place in the first trimester.

Looking back, I must have been too tired, and we suspected the air travel somehow compresses the uterus and probably had something to do with the bleeding, like a plastic bottle being compressed during a flight. I also learned that air travel exposes us to a higher radiation so I’d better not fly any more before the boys are here since we were considering going to HK or China to deliver at the time! I’m glad Michael kept his cool and all three of my travel companions cared for me so well during the whole trip and we still had a great time (it’s hard not to in Costa Rica) even though I had to give up the horseback riding and white water rafting!


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