Oh boy! Two tigers to come @ 21st week

Day: 19 20+5

The  routine ultrasound around 20 weeks is called anatomy ultrasound, basically to look for defects and check the organs of the fetus(es). It was done at the OB’s office since our insurance new deductible doesn’t start until April, and Dr. Deigan charged almost $700 for the first ultrasound – I like him but not the price tag!

So Michael took a day off to be there with me, and we were so excited because we wanted to know the gender of the twins. Everything turned out to be great and then we checked the bottom of the first baby – it’s a boy! It was definitely the family jewel…I was hoping for a girl all along but Michael seemed to be happy (maybe he will have his pals for playing computer games:). The second one turned out to be carrying the nuts and berries as well, I was not disappointed though, boys are cool, and I will take whatever we get and will love them just the same!

Even though sometimes the ultrasound technicians mistaken the gender of the fetuses, these pictures look pretty clear to us that we are going to have two little tigers (year 2010 is the year of the tiger).


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