Bye to Second Trimester @ 27th (really 28th) Week

Day: 27 28 weeks

End of week 27! In the past three days, I’ve gained 6.8 lbs, it might have something to do with the water retention that started three days ago, I first noticed it while taking the daily walk with Michael. At the end of the day, I felt my feet and toes were swelling, the following morning it was back to normal, so laying in bed and having my feet up probably eased the discomfort. Yesterday I was on my feet mostly, either standing or sitting, which didn’t really help much, so in the coming weeks, I need to be aware of not standing or sitting for a long period of time. The swelling might have something to do with the sudden rise in temperature also, it was 87 degrees the other day and my body may have reacted to it by storing extra fluid.

Although swelling is a very normal part of pregnancy, it should not be treated as a “symptom” of any disease, since the extra fluid helps with the labor and usually goes away days after birth, it does need to be closely monitored so that it’s not out-of-control.

We went to a birthday party yesterday and met a new mom, the baby is 2 months old. Her birthing story is like from a text-book: everything went well all the way till she was 7cm dilated, then her labor suddenly stalled, then she was given Pitocin and epidural, soon after she was told that the baby was in danger because of meconium her baby inhaled into her lungs. So she finally went for a Cesarean. I was appalled by her answer when I asked her what happened in the labor room when her labor stalled all of a sudden – she said the nurses were on a shift, and the one she liked left and the one that took over wasn’t nice – it is just like what Ina May Gaskin described: any sudden interruption such as an appearance of a stranger, or someone who makes the mother unease could stall her labor, sometimes even have reverse dilation!!! Then they kept the baby in NICU for 4 days – for legal purposes, and the nurses gave her bottles from the very beginning, which made it impossible for her to breastfeed, even though she has been pumping and the baby only receives breast milk.


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