Cloth Diapers

Day: 27 28+5

We went to the TMOTT (Triangle Mothers of Twins and Triplets) meeting last night and met about 20 moms (and a few dads) of multiples. We didn’t stay for the monthly talk, it was about choosing child care but we really enjoyed the Q&A session before the talk. There were some expectant moms among us and we were glad to get good information about diapers.  Michael and I looked into whether we should use cloth diapers or disposable diapers before, our main concern was the disposable diapers that went into the landfill cause so much environmental damage, and may cause more rashes on infants because of the materials, plus it’s really expensive. We went to BJ’s and were shocked how much we are going to spend for the twins just in a few months.

Courtney happened to have two cloth diapers with her last night and she showed me how to use them, she had one Fuzzy Bunz and a Bum Genius. One is a small size and the other is a one-size, they basically have pockets you can insert cloth diapers in. The inserts are expensive, but she said we can cut out old towels, cotton sheets, microfiber towels (which are very absorbent) instead. So after the babies are done pooping, you just dump the solids in the toilet and wash the inserts and the diapers. It makes a lot of sense, and the cloth diapers aren’t what I pictured in my mind, they look so cute and comfortable, and sure will save a lot of money, if we don’t go crazy buying them. I can definitely see why it’s easy to get addictive after I searched online – Happy Heiny’s, Fuzzy Bunz, Bum Genius, Imse Vimse, Babykicks, there are so many styles and designs! I like the Babykicks organic one size that accommodates 7lbs to 40lbs, thinking about ordering some already. Courtney also said that she used the disposable diapers in the first 2 months so that she could focus on breastfeeding her twins, once she nailed down the tandem feeding, she switched to cloth diapers – I think that’s a great idea.

We also talked to another lady, she avoided C-section and had her twins vaginally even though getting Pitocin and epidural, that was encouraging. I was also fascinated to hear another lady who had pre-term labor at 28th then 31st week, the doctor was able to stop her labor using magnesium in both occasions then she made it to 38 weeks! Also there’s a member who’s currently living in Shanghai. We felt this type of support group, like the Homebirth Meetup Group, are really the best, that we can talk to people who are so open and have so much information to share! TMOTT seems to be very well established and organized, the local chapter has been in existence for 20 years, they have forums and annual outings, we also shopped at their consignment sale on March 27th at the State Fairgrounds, got more than enough baby clothes for less than $70, so we decided to join at the end of the meeting.

So after the meeting, Michael and I stopped by the new Phở 99 restaurant on Capital Blvd, indeed it was the most authentic one in town! We talked to the owners and they also own the supermarket, the whole plaza is the first one-stop-shop for Vietnamese in the area. I am a big fan of Phở and always enjoyed searching for the best beef noodle soup in different area.  The boys will probably love all kinds of food – Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Lebanese, French – hopefully they will stay away from hotdogs and soda though 🙂

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