Getting Heavier @ 29 weeks

Day: 28 29 weeks

Reaching another important milestone of 28 29 weeks! Babies born after 28 weeks and before 38 weeks for singleton or 36 weeks for twins are considered premature, not VERY premature any more, even though I am sure the boys have no plans coming out soon.

This week has been a bit harder than usual, probably because of the increasing weight, the top of the uterus has been giving me pain, probably from stretching or whatever the babies are doing to me. The swelling extremities problem started in the 27th week becomes less of a problem, maybe because of the temperature drop. Last week we had 90~95 degree weather and tons of pollen, this week the weather has cooled down quite a bit, being in the comfortable low 70s, which helped with my swollen feet and hands. The pain just below my breasts can be severe though, sometimes I woke up at night from it, couldn’t get as comfortable as I was before. But all these seem to be normal, and I shouldn’t be complaining, after all my pregnancy has progressed hassle-free so far. The other thing I love about Spring is that it’s the season of the strawberries, Whole Foods are selling fresh organic strawberries, and the price per box finally dropped from $5.99 to $3.99 so today we bought a plate of it – 8 boxes and saved 10%!

Michael and I continue to walk almost everyday, we went to Neo-Asia for lunch yesterday and couldn’t resist the lovely weather, so we decided to take a drive to Lake Johnson and ended up walking the 3-mile trail before we met our friends for dinner at C&T Wok in Morrisville. Today we walked for about one hour on our usual walking trail near the apartment complex. Two nights in a row, I had spicy food, tonight at S-Market the kimchi fried rice was so spicy I drank all the water (my bottle and Michael’s 1L bottle) we had. I hope the boys will get used to the spicy food…they probably will. I looked at the pictures Michael took for me today and I can hardly believe that’s my belly – it looks huge and we still have 2~3 months to go!


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