Switching OB

Day: 29+1

We’d had doubts about our choice of Cary OBGYN for a while, for couple of reasons: a) I was never told anything about how to improve my pregnancy other than given some flyers and brochures; b) couple of the OBs at the same practice failed to answer our questions or gave us answers that obviously didn’t make sense; c) they don’t work with midwives. But looking for an alternative isn’t easy at all, since lay midwives are banned from practicing in North Carolina, which is really sad. We met another couple in the store one time, who goes to the same practice, with very close due date with twins, and they had the same experiences like us, surprisingly, and was even told they could go somewhere else if they wish. So searching for the closest match for what we want becomes necessary since after two visits, Michael said he never wanted to go back again.

What the ideal setup for us will be a home birth, since we are really close to the hospital. However, because of the NC laws, we just couldn’t find anyone who is willing to do home birth for twins (if it’s singleton, there are quite a few highly recommended Certified Nurse-Midwives in the area). We even called Ina May Gaskin and her partners’ Farm in Tennessee, they don’t take twin pregnancy either because of the doctor they work with.

So we have to make some compromises, and the main thing, for twins, is that we have to deliver them in the operating room, there’s simply just no hospital or doctors would budge on that. We called couple of places, read tons of reviews and talked to bunch of hospitals, finally we decided to pay a visit to Triangle OBGYN, they have 2 OBs and 5 nurse-midwives on staff, also Audrey has worked with the doctor before she really likes Dr. V, and she was allowed in the OR, so we checked out the place last week and went back again today to talk to Wander, who’s in charge of the billing. She was really nice, and laid out the payment options, what’s included what’s not, and told us what’s involved in a transfer, we found out it is more expensive if we change physicians, but since our deductible plan has a limit, it really won’t affect us. We felt a lot more informed, and comfortable already after talking to her and set up our first appointment with them on April 16th and we are looking forward to meeting with the midwife!


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