Snoogle, My Life Saver

Day: 29+2

Sleeping at night lately becomes miserable, no matter how I arranged the 8 pillows, actually 7 since Michael needs one, my body just didn’t seem to be in the right place. The night before, even though I went to bed early, I was up for hours, the pain on the top of the uterus was so severe I just couldn’t go to sleep, after couple of hours turning and tossing in bed, I decided to try out the recliner, after all Michael has to get some sleep! The recliner was actually better, instead of propping up all the pillows, all I had to do is to adjust the angle and eventually, don’t know when, I fell asleep, and woke up when Bonnie jumped on my lap in the middle of the night and we napped together for an hour or two. I felt awful though in the morning, feeling that I was sick – headache, swollen eye lids and just not comfortable. I remember one lady from the tmott meeting saying that she actually got more sleep after her twins were out than a few months before she gave birth. Now I see why…what kept me awake was not just discomfort though, it was pain.

Michael looked it up and looks like the pain is from diastasis recti, or the separation of the abdominal muscles, may occur in any pregnancy, but is more common with multiples. The muscles down the center of the abdomen pull away from each other as the uterus pushes through them. Sometimes pains and/or numbing accompany in the process.

So before starting my day yesterday morning, I started searching on Amazon and reading the reviews on the maternity pillows, then I realized I couldn’t order on Amazon and then wait for a few days for it to arrive, I have to get it soon! I didn’t see any pillow that will put me in a sit-up position but most of the reviews said the maternity pillows helped them sleep better. So Michael and I went to the closest baby store Baby Depot near Grand Asia and found out they carry leachco’s Snoogle basic, you can actually use the pillow in multiple positions, depending on where you are sitting, or sleeping. For example, you can swirl it around your back and belly and use it as a nursing pillow. So it is a good investment, in my case, I didn’t care how much it costs I had to get something to help me be more comfortable.

The test last night turned out to be good, we went to bed around 11:30pm, I woke up at 2:30am, and then 5:30am, used the bathroom and went back to sleep till 9am! The two hooks of the pillows go underneath the belly and raise it up for support, and I think that relieved the pain. So hopefully as days go on, it will continue to work wonders. I still couldn’t completely sleep on my left side, somehow it pulls the muscles and causes more pain so I kind of lean towards the left side.

Moms–to-be, you can’t go wrong buying a maternity pillow, and if you are going to buy one, buy it before you experience any pain or discomfort! I woke up this morning, feeling much much better and I am going to order a replacement cover with the zipper for it, since you cannot machine wash the pillow. Look how happy I was waking up this morning, in bed 🙂


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