Gestational Diabetes

Day: 29+3

**Updates: After our first visit to Triangle OBGYN on April 16th, we were glad to reach a reasonable testing for gestational diabetes, basically I will go to the office early at 8am to have blood drawn (fast since midnight before), and go home have regular breakfast, then go back in two hours to have blood drawn again. This way we feel comfortable not taking the syrup, and not interrupting my regular eating schedule, and we can rule out the risk of gestational diabetes, since it’s more common in multiple pregnancy and in Asians. **

This week is the week for testing of Gestational Diabetes. After reading about gestational diabetes we finally decided not to take the test. The test itself isn’t really harmful, at least the first one, drinking 50g of glucose, which is good for the baby but we checked the ingredients on the label, there are two different dyes, which we don’t like. But the main reason really is even if someone is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, after taking the secondary test which requires a fast, she will be referred to a RD to change her diet, in reality very few people are prescribed with insulin shots. So if someone has been having a very complete and high quality diet, seeing a RD isn’t going to help much. Gestational Diabetes (type II) usually go away after birth anyway.

So today we went to meet our pregnancy class instructor Elissa, she’s only minutes away from us, and she’s fully of energy, we love her!!! We came home with bags of information again – more to read and learn. She even bartered the price of the classes for asking Michael to convert her VHS videos to DVD. We thought that was very sweet of her! She herself is a CNM, we found more and like-minded people on pregnancy/birth topics lately, which is great!

P.S. Last night I had trouble sleeping again, and finally moved to the couch at around 3am! I am really hoping the pain will go away~


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