Whole Foods and First Multiples Class

Day: 29+4

My mind has been really on taxes in the past few days: it’s time consuming and when I am focusing on a project, it really messes up with my eating schedule. We mailed everything in the morning and went to Whole Foods since today the store pays for the taxes. It’s a great marketing strategy, since a lot of food items were taxed or taxed at very low rate anyway, we broke our record and spent $270, even Bonnie got a case of her organic cat food, with 10% discount and no taxes. In the end, the taxes we saved paid for the certified mail postage for the taxes, LOL, better than nothing!

Today we attended our first multiples class at WakeMed Cary with Kathy Underhill, she mailed the book to us ahead of time and it was very good for us to be there with 5 other couples who are carrying twins. Most of them have boy/girl combination, some of them want to be surprised. But my due date is the earliest. We fully enjoyed the class, I especially like the protein counter sheet she gave us and talking to other ladies, who are in the same boat. One other lady has diastasis recti as well and she’s seeing a chiropractor, so I am not alone! We spoke with Kathy for quite a while after the class, she’s very encouraging and I am glad the hospital hires excellent birth educators like her, Debbie and Bonny. We saw the couple we met at REI a while back and another couple who go to Cary OBGYN and are thinking about switching! It reassures our decision to switch to physicians who support our wishes, and we felt this is the closest we could get – going to OBs who have CNMs on staff and who are willing to work with other midwives/doulas.

Kathy also shared the Healthy Birth Practices videos with us, which can be found on Lamaze Video Library so we watched these short clips while eating our late dinner salmon and chicken, that should get me more points using the protein counter.  These are very well-made videos, short and to the point, it just makes sense! I also really enjoyed the relaxation session Kathy did tonight, can’t wait to go back next week!


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