Big Boy’s Big Day

Day: 29+5

Went for our first visit with the midwives at Triangle OBGYN, we figured out that I miscalculated my days, I am actually 29 weeks plus 5 days, so I am almost done with the 30th week!!! The office manager Lucy, who is Irish, spent an hour with us going through the medical history, and just communicating, and we felt a lot more at ease after talking to her already since she agrees that there’s no reason to do a C-section unless its absolutely necessary. It’s amazing how trust works, since I do not want to take glucose test to check for the gestational diabetes, she suggested that we go in early in the morning, draw blood, then go home, eat breakfast, then draw blood again after 2 hours. With her explanation of the potential risks especially with the twins, we felt that was acceptable. We also met with Kim, who is one of the 5 midwives on staff, she spent almost another hour with us, and it was very pleasant, finally we were happy with the birthing team who is supportive of what we desire! What we also found out was Triangle OBGYN is the only practice in Wake County that has midwives on staff!

And Michael is turning 30 today! I planned a surprise dinner for him and Ellen and Lou really surprised him at dinner – we had such a nice dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy, family style, wonderful food and company…It’s fun to think that the babies are 30 weeks old when Michael turned 30, Nora got him a beautiful cake from Whole Foods, and we had so much food and desserts, he apparently loved it since he was spending time with friends on the special day! We are so fortunate to have great friends in the area…

Here is a video of babies moving! I was leaning on my left side, and it’s Baby A doing the show, he’s the one on the right and the more active one.


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  1. patty

    that video is awesome, they move so much. I really like your blog it is really cool that you have documented your entire pregnancy. It looks like you will miss pregnancy very much. You look so healthy and happy!

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