Can Saturday be any busier?

Day: 29+6

By the time I sat down and started writing the diary, I realized we were out all day – we left the house at 8:45am and got home at 10pm. Apparently WakeMed Cary canceled the class scheduled from 9~noon today but didn’t notify us so we showed up and found ourselves were the only two in the conference center! To kill the time, we called Elissa, our birthclass instructor and see if we can stop by her place, so we ended up walking for half an hour in her neighborhood, it was a beautiful morning for a walk even with noticeable pollen, temperature was cool and we had a great time chatting with her and learned some more about the history of birthing. I am glad that finally we found what we wanted – people who have years of experiences witnessing actual births home and abroad. I think it will be nice if more mothers are well-informed of their options that may lead to pushing for more natural and safer births, rather than believing the medical model, which should only be applied to small percentage of high risk pregnancy and birth, not a mainstream practice.

Then we went to Nora’s class, and surprised her, she didn’t think we were going to show up but I am glad we went since we had new people there today and the class was interactive and fun! Nora’s doing such a great job teaching, and I was glad to talk to Kim, who is passionate about natural birth as well!  I am also glad to hear about Kim’s experiences in China, like many of the people I know, she loved the time she and her husband spent there and wants to go back.

Off we went after the class to meet Patty and Yazel, last time I saw them was almost 3 years ago (hard to believe)! It was the first time for them to meet Michael and there’s so much to catch up! We were going to the Lucky 32 in Raleigh but apparently that place closed down so we ended up going to the Red Hot & Blue, turned out to be a pretty decent restaurant – got my Brunswick stew and pulled chicken, by the time we got out of the restaurant, it was 5pm already!

Our meetup dinner, starting at 7pm, was only couple of miles away so we decided just to hang out in a park somewhere instead of going back home and coming out again. We tried North Hill Park, it was really lovely with many trails, so we walked for over an hour then stopped by Babies R Us, I took John’s advice and got myself a maternity support belt, it was actually quite helpful lifting up the belly! And we hung out with our friends at Pho 99 on Capital Blvd, as always it was great fun!

Oh well, it’s almost midnight and I need to put my feet up and rest, no need to get up early tomorrow…


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  1. Kim

    Super nice to meet you and Michael! I loved the class and getting to hear about your passion for having a natural birth, even with twins! I definitely want to keep in touch and hear how your story goes.

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