Turkish Festival and Thai Dinner

Day: 30 weeks

Its the 5th Turkish Festival at the State Fairgrounds! David and Johanna came to our apartment and we headed over after 12, the festival was less crowded than the Chinese New Year’s Festival, and we tried out the doner, chicken plate, desserts, Turkish Ravioli, and Spinach gozleme (crepe). Turkish tea was delicious but the coffee and yogurt were really strong. It was fun to check out the festival and we found it really funny to see Turkey Shoot right next door! I also talked to Nida, she was doing the demo of the wrapped grape leaf with vegetarian stuffing, she’s in her 36th week with a girl, we had a picture together! We also enjoyed meeting Juan, she’s a new member of the meetup group!

So we got back to the house, the boys were talking non-stop like they always do. Johanna and I were making dinner, we made Buffalo Wings with celery and tomato, we also tried out a recipe we found online, a salad with sliced fennel, cucumber, avocado, red onion and cilantro, sprinkled with lemon juice, salt and pepper, it was so delicious! So Johanna and I decided to make a second dinner (since I eat so much now:), we decided to try to make our own curry spice, we went on line and found bunch of recipes, and there’s actually enough stuff we found in the kitchen to make it, other than cardamon. I had the turmeric and cinnamon from Costa Rica, and the curry smelt so good when its done. So we made Thai curry chicken and Thai ice tea (Michael’s favorite), we always enjoy them so much!


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