Meeting Audrey, Our Midwife

Day: 30+1

Michael and I finally met with Audrey and the meeting took longer than I expected since there was so much to talk about. She’s lovely and we feel so much happier with where we are now than before, more confident, and more prepared. There’s a lot we need to do: this week the priority is to write up our birth plan, and figure out how to talk to Dr. V about what we want and get him on board, learn more about what we can do to refuse (politely) intervention when we get to the hospital and what we don’t want to do with the babies once they are here.

I am glad to hear that Audrey thinks I am doing really well too, although my belly measured 36cm, about 5 over (31cm for where I am for singleton), she thinks I will go into labor between 34 and 38 weeks and advised us not to travel out of town, I think that’s a good idea, we were planning going to Myrtle Beach on May 1st when Mom gets here, as our getaway before the birth, but going into labor and delivering in a hospital in South Carolina is just too risky. I shall probably put my feet up more and make sure the weight of the boys don’t open up the cervix too early.

The boys are definitely moving a lot, and more obvious than even 3 days ago when I took the video clip! It was amazing to see them kick and stretch, Audrey thinks they are both head down now, which is fantastic and we will get a better idea tomorrow when we go for the 3rd ultrasound. Audrey thinks highly of Dr. Deigan so I should probably go to visit him for the last ultrasound, since he can give us a more accurate estimate of their weight – our goal is to have them gain at least 6lbs, although with our body size (genes), it’s unlikely that they are going to be big babies, that’s just fine with me though – less to worry about for delivery!

I’ve had toothache for the past 2 days, my gum seems a bit swollen but it’s not bleeding, so I don’t think it’s gingivitis, Audrey thinks I should use less of baking soda to irritate the gum, it might be the nerve sensation that causes the sensitivities. We also talked about when to call and go into the hospital, and agreed that 7cm dilated will be a good time, since after that will be the transition period, which is very painful, it might be good to stay in the L&D room, get soaked in the tub (which will relieve the pain), then they can wheel me in the OR in the labor bed, instead of putting me on the operating table (because of the twins) if I go in too late. Going into the hospital too early, I won’t be able to take any drinks or food, which will not be good and it sure raises the chance of having the Pitocin.

So it was a very good visit and we can’t believe how fast the clock is ticking, there’s still a lot to read and watch, and I need to continue to eat and give them the best chance and nutrients in the womb, even though we understand we can never prepare well for everything, Michael and I will just have to learn as we go!


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3 responses to “Meeting Audrey, Our Midwife

  1. Kim

    Yes, remember that I told you I was already in transition when I got to the hospital? It is the hardest part of labor and you REALLY have to concentrate on relaxing/breathing through contractions, which may be a minute or less apart. It is super hard to concentrate and relax when you are trying to fill out paperwork, getting blood drawn, trying to make sure they are following your birth plan…I lost my concentration and gave in to having an epidural. So, don’t wait too late 🙂

    Also, I can help you write your birth plan if you wish.

    • Cynthia

      That’s what Audrey said, the transition is the hardest part, so instead of going in at 9 or 10cm, we think 7cm might be better, only 5 minutes away from the hospital. This way, I might be able to use the Jacuzzi @ WakeMed Cary and be in a labor bed instead of going right onto the operating table in the OR. The nurses will probably do whatever their routine is regardless of what we spell out in the birth plan. There are so many things we don’t want – IV, medication, fetal monitoring, cutting the cord right away, Vitamin K, eye ointment, but realistically we probably won’t get what we want, so have to pick the battles! Thanks for offering the help, I’d love for you to see the draft before I see Dr. V this Friday.

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