Ultrasound @ 31 weeks

Day: 30+2

It’s a busy day, in the morning we visited Dr. Gil, for my headache, he did acupuncture and alignment of the body; for toothache, which has gotten better after I stopped using baking soda for a day, he suggested using Bentonite (volcanic clay) to extract the bacteria; for my joint aches in my hands, he gave me MSM, which helps with the blood circulation and cell nutrition/waster exchange process. After the acupuncture, my headache went away already, he always knows what to do! We ate at Sushi-Yoshi, which is next door to his office, and I was so hungry that I ate so much food – seaweed cucumber salad, light fried tofu, soba noodle with tempura chicken, and some of Michael’s lunch – salmon, miso soup and avocado sushi.

We went for the ultrasound at Triangle OBGYN after lunch at Chapel Hill, the technician Lynn was the one who did my 21st week ultrasound when we found out the sex of the babies. She works at Triangle but attends at Cary OBGYN as well. She’s really nice and calm, Audrey was right, both baby A and B are head down, and they weigh 3lbs and 10oz, 3lbs and 14 oz respectively (avg is about 3lbs and 7oz at 31 weeks for twins), Lynn also checked my cervix, it’s closed and long, which is great! Everything checks out and there’s really no more information we want to find out since at this time, babies are settled in their position, and don’t have much room to flip, even though with twins, sometimes the baby B will change position because of all that extra space he has all of a sudden after baby A is out. So we were happy that we made the 40% chance – both of them are head down – now we just need to make sure that they grow, grow and grow and stay in as long as possible! We decided that we are not going to do more ultrasound, after reading this article with evidence showing that it could raise the internal temperature which may increase the risk of birth defects, but its good to confirm their position today, also the placenta is healthy, although Lynn said it’s hard to tell if they fused or not since they are close to each other.


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