Writing a Birth Plan

Day: 30+4

We went through the guide provided by WakeMed Cary today, at a first glance, it looks like there are a lot of alternatives during birth. But we seriously have issues with couple of policies indicated in the guide.

  • No drinking or eating after being admitted into the hospital.
  • Routine exams on newborns: Vitamin K, eye ointment, vaccination, and PKU.
  • Multiple birth is not allowed in the labor & delivery room. Only one support person in the OR.

For eating and drinking, we could do that at home, by arriving at the hospital just before transition will allow me to drink and eat at home.

For the exams, as written in the guide, “mandated by state laws”, for PKU (screening of metabolic and other hereditary and congenital disorders), it is mandated, according to the North Carolina State Law G.S. 130A-125 section 5b, however, the guide failed to mention that parents can easily object to the test, if they wish, so its not a mandate for the parents. We need to do more research on what these screenings are for and what’s contained in the shots.

The policy over OR is really a big problem for us since the thought of going to an operating room filled with doctors (anesthesiologist, pediatricians, etc.) is scary. As to only one support person in the OR is just ridiculous, that means I have to choose Michael or Audrey for a vaginal birth.

In the evening, we went for the multiple class, Kathy did another wonderful class, we watched a twin vaginal birth at a hospital (which we didn’t like at all it was completely different from what we pictured a birth should be), but it’s great to take a look at, realistically, what’s going to happen in the OR for delivery of the twins. We thought she did a great job illustrating the different phases of labor (intensity, duration, signs, what to watch for), and the techniques to relax and labor during these phases are excellent, the girls got to enjoy massages from the partners (pretty much head to toe, I wish all classes include that session and Michael was so good) with background music. It was romantic and relaxing, and I am sure I can use those endorphins during labor 🙂

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