Newborn Screenings and Disease Prevention

Day: 30+5

We had a wonderful visit with Dr. V today, my iron level, blood pressure are great, Dr. V also educated us on why the joints hurt and reassured it’s normal during pregnancy. We were pleased to know that he’s okay with us staying in the LDR as long as the labor progresses normally, that is huge for us! He also advised us to talk to the nurses at the hospital as soon as I am admitted so they understand what we desire. Hopefully when it comes to the time, things will lay out the way we agreed upon!

Afterward, we had our consultation with a pediatrician, it was a great conversation but we don’t think he will be a fit, since he’s all about vaccination and gave us his opinion what causes more autism nowadays – because most patients were undetected – that doesn’t make sense to us at all so we think we will just bring the kids to Dr. Gil 🙂

Regarding the newborn screenings and disease prevention, here is an update on the research on newborn screenings and disease prevention.

Erythromycin eye ointment: The idea of the eye ointment is to prevent STDs such as gonorrhea, however, if mother carries any of the virus, the newborn would have been exposed to it in birth canal before he/she is born, there are cases that these viruses are found in the eyes of newborns who are surgically born, which means they contracted from the hospital staff, caregiver, etc. after they are born. And we can’t find convincing evidence that proves it actually prevents/cures the infection since there are many cases after applying the ointment infants still have infection. Apparently we need to ask more questions how to treat these infection if it occurs and do more study on this more important issue. The main issue we have is that eye ointment hinders greatly the precious moments of bonding right after the birth between the babies and parents. The ointment affects their vision, and carries side effects such as burning eye lids and clogged tear duct. So we need to find out, in case the infection is first noticed (and it won’t go unnoticed) regardless if it is applied or not, how to treat it.

Vitamin K: to prevent blood clotting, which can be very dangerous to newborn since the internal bleeding may go unnoticed. However, we don’t like the idea of the injection, WakeMed Cary doesn’t have oral form, so we think we should sign the waiver and administer the oral Vitamin K ourselves, and use the best natural, pure form after we research the options available on the market.

PKU: we will delay the screening until one week after they are born, PKU in some cases will be done repeatedly because only after the newborn has had food and processed, the genetic metabolic disease will present problem, and not identifying the various genetic disease can be potentially very dangerous.  However, even the heel prick makes us nervous so we think we can wait a week.

Hepatitis B: it’s mainly transmitted via blood or body fluid that contains blood, it is true that saliva has very small amount of Hepatitis B virus, it is not likely to spread. So we want to wait till the kids are much older, when they can decide what the appropriate time to get the jab. The risk of getting the vaccination right away is death does occur in the newborns, some because the newborns develop allergic reactions to whatever is in the shot or if their immune system is compromised, see Ian’s Voice. We do need to look into some vaccinations that are necessary for newborns/infants.


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