Home Birth and Chinese Meetups

Day: 30+6

Amazing how my body is changing! I start to have a bit of swelling in my feet and also noticed some stretch marks in the lower abdomen, tiny but I am hoping that the daily almond oil massage will still help! My joints are still hurting but less painful.

We spent last night and this morning sorting out the clothes that we don’t want, it was hard for me to get rid of clothes, but once 5 large bags are out, the guest bedroom looked so much better, Michael’s friend Keith and his girlfriend Julie are coming over today and Mom will need to use the space so I am glad we got it done!

Weather wasn’t cooperating so there were only us and Erin at the home birth meetup, although we chatted for about an hour, and learned a great deal from her – it’s amazing that how much knowledge the midwives (and midwives to be) have compared to the OBs. We talked about using different herbs or Pitocin to control hemorrhage after the placenta is delivered, especially for twin pregnancy since the uterus is stretched so much bigger and it’s harder for the bleeding to stop without help on contractions; some ideas on cloth diaper and use of medications on newborns. Obviously Michael enjoyed the McDonald Woods Park very much (see picture:).

After we met up with Keith and Julie we headed to Carrboro for the meetup at Gourmet Kingdom, we had ton of food, it’s good, authentic Sichuan food – I can’t believe I still have such great appetite, supposedly my stomach should be pushed to a much smaller size, but I don’t feel that way!


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  1. Kim

    OH how I miss that authentic Sichuan food!!

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