Keep Walking – Completing 31 Weeks

Day: 31 weeks

Michael put on the shoes for me and for the first time I had a bit of problem getting my feet in there. We’ve been keeping up with the walk at least 4 times a week, and today we decided to go to the Pirates Cove Greenway, which is pretty close to us. The trees have grown so much and created a natural canopy to keep the temperature cool, we both felt great after the walk however we both felt the pollen as well.

My hands and feet are definitely a bit swollen today, looks like the body is starting to retain some fluid in preparation for the birth, all of a sudden the delivery seems to be around the corner, we feel a bit anxious already. Hopefully we won’t be too excited when labor starts so that we can get some rest at the early phase of labor. Michael is such a great companion and I can’t ask for anything else, we were joking about the placenta since in many cultures, people actually eat the placenta, which is full of nutrients, I don’t know if I can do it, but Michael said if he eats it, he will think of it as an organic cow’s placenta since I am dressed up like a cow and I eat organics, we always have so much laughter together!

Johanna’s mom arrived in NC so they came over tonight, they took us to Tom Yum Thai, food was so great, especially the desserts Mango with sticky rice and custard with purple rice, which I can only taste a little piece of each, were heavenly. I love the dress Johanna got me but also realized I am so big when I looked at the picture, its always great fun spending time with them!


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