All About Eyes

Day: 31+1

Michael and I have been considering having the Lasik surgery for a long time, well now it’s not possible for me since during pregnancy and breastfeeding, eye vision changes and I just have to wait. Michael and I have visited one clinic before and went through with the consultation, however, we decided to hold off until the FSA account is established for tax deduction. Since our friend Patty raved about her clinic, we decided to pay a visit to TLC in Raleigh.

Before we went, we already found two other locations that charge only about $1000 per eye, which is only about half the price at TLC. However, after two hours, we decided that this is the place we should have it done. We felt it was such a great opportunity talking to Dr. Marino, he’s very intelligent and has a great way communicating with the patients for sure – he went through the procedures in great details, pre-op and post-op care and more importantly, he provided sound and sensible answers to millions of questions we had. What got me interested, was the eye ointment topic, and we were curious to find out if breast milk has great effects on curing eye infection. His opinion on eye ointment is that it is not harmful, can be delayed for an hour or two and it does work in a lot of cases, ointment is much more effective than drops and it dissolves in 15 minutes. Breast milk is no more effective than Saline drops, and he gave us a sample of the drops with the preservatives and without. Breast milk, however, does contain antibiotics but also sometimes contains things that are not supposed to be in the eyes. Eye infections a lot of times are caused by dead cells, and the body immune system reacts to them and it takes a few days for the mucus to go away sometimes with or without treatment. So using clean (meaning no real ‘medication’) drops and flushing the eyes does the trick by washing away the mucus and dead cells. Anyway, because the eye ointment doesn’t present any risk but does prevent the virus, from either birth canal or hospital germs, it is worthwhile to use it. With the clogged tear duct, a lot of times it was because the tissues delay it from opening, so rubbing the area between eye and nose will in most cases solve the problem. He also said the newborns have everything built in, so even though I read about they can only see black and white, it is good to show them all colors, basically to stimulate their brains to recognize the colors. Same with lazy eyes, it needs to be corrected at age of two, and later on if untreated, it gets a lot more difficult. Dr. Marino has a practice in Apex called Family Eye Care of Apex.

I had an interesting thought, how nice it will be if all the doctors spend their time explaining the reasons, risks and benefits like Dr. Marino did, how much better it will be for our health care and how much better informed patients would be before going into a surgery or treatment!

Since we are in Brier Creek, we decided to stop somewhere for lunch, since I was really hungry – didn’t expect we would spend that much time in their office – thanks to Michael :P, we drove by Champa and it was where we had our first dinner together on Dec 2nd, 2007, the day we met. We chose the area where we sat last time and it was crazy to think that the second time we came here, we are doubling the size of our family! Time is a funny thing, so much has happened since we met for the first time that day at Panera Bread, then we went for coffee, then we came here for dinner 🙂 Everything else since then just happened so right and smoothly. I often wonder what would have happened if he or I didn’t show up in that class, how would our paths lay out, and would they pass later at some point? I know it’s silly to think of those things, but I guess I am very thankful that we met and were able to grow and experience life together, and be well-prepared for our future with our kids. I would not want my life any other way, that’s for sure.



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2 responses to “All About Eyes

  1. Michele

    Cynthia, I find it interesting what Dr. Marino said as well. Dominic had a connective tissue eye infection earlier this year, he was five months old then, and aside from Saline Drops and something homeopathic, they suggested I squirt a few drops of breastmilk into each eye every day. Well, I did it and he recovered. Not sure which of the three remedies though was the most effective.

    • Yes I will be interested in knowing what really works! Although we both think he’s very intelligent…by the way, he also gave us some tips on the drops, there are drops which do not contain preservatives, and they come into disposable tubes, the sample he gave us is Blink. Also he believes that near-sightedness has a lot to do with genetics, which blow my mind. He said it’s very important to have thorough eye exams when the kids are at age 1, 2 or 3, then 5, to identify any potential eye problems, since later on it’s much harder to correct vision.

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