Fluid Retention

Day: 31+2

For the past few days, my feet started to get swollen and the joints of my fingers hurt especially in the morning. In the same time, my weight has gone up by three pounds, I am sure it is from the fluid retained in the body, since I started to feel thirsty all the time. Excessive fluid retention is not good, but normal swell is from body preparing for the birth, since there will be a lot of loss of fluid during delivery. It is definitely not comfortable when the feet are swollen, so I am paying more attention to the amount of time sitting and standing, and trying to have them up as much as possible.

This morning, my mom’s call woke me and I was shocked to hear that she missed her flight, after all the preparation we made, she leisurely arrived at the check-in desk 40 minutes before the flight takes off, she missed the 45-minute cut-off time by 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe it, since she’s been on the flight to the US couple of times, plus numerous times going to the airport with me for international flights. Last night I even reminded her to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight, apparently she only heard the “2 hours” and left home 2 hours before the flight. The whole morning was so stressful, re-booking her Shanghai to LA flight, LA to Raleigh flight, and notifying her friend who’s picking her up in LA, and he was already at the airport since the flight came in 2 hours earlier than scheduled, it was a mess, I am just glad that finally everything is done even with an extra $600 change fee. I can’t believe the change fee Delta charges now is more than the ticket price I paid for the ticket from LAX to RDU, flying is such a pain these days, however you look at it. I can’t wait for the mass transportation!

I do not like myself when I am stressed out and couldn’t think clearly. Michael and I went to Lucky 32 and we talked it over, I got my frustration out and he’s always so calm, I felt a whole lot better after we left. Then I wrote couple more emails to everyone, including Xin to double check Mom’s paperwork tomorrow again before her new scheduled flight on April 29th. Finally I felt I was ready to forget about what happened and move on, I am sure she feels terrible as well and hopefully she will be able to make a successful second attempt.

Bonnie and Michael’s battle over the computer chair continues…I was able to take a short video, every time Michael leaves his chair to grab some water or use the scanner, you can bet on Bonnie jumping on his chair, for whatever reason, that cat loves his chair and will not easily budge to give up her space once she’s in it!



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5 responses to “Fluid Retention

  1. Kim

    Has anybody mentioned Ted Hose for the swelling? I don’t know if you can use them in pregnancy, but they can be very effective.

  2. That seems pretty interesting, how does it work though? I’ve been keeping my feet up, and the swelling seems to be going away already. With the joint pains, the MSM (natural source of sulfur) seems to help as well.

  3. Kim

    I am not sure how they work, but you could mention it to your midwife and see what she says. There is no medicine or anything like that. I think they use compression to keep the blood flowing without letting fluid build up.

  4. Michele

    Cynthia, They make just ordinary maternity nylons with extra support but in both of my pregnancies I asked the doctor for a prescription of support hose, just thigh highs, to wear on my international flights. Your doctor should know something about these. The maker of mine is: Sigvaris.

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