Get Ready for Lasik

Day: 31+4

Michael went for the pre-op check today for his Lasik surgery scheduled for next Wednesday, I had the luxury reading my book at the lounge, and started working on our packing list for the hospital. The second wavefront result was good, close to the one he had from last visit, his eyes were dilated so he was given the shades to limit the light that goes into his enlarged pupils. However, this time it took much longer time for them to get back to normal, as a matter of fact, all day! The shades are pretty cool though, we are excited about him getting rid of his glasses for good, at least for the next 10 years or so. Mom also got in LA with no trouble today, Meisheng has picked her up and she sounds good over the phone, can’t wait to see her this Saturday!

We were eager to go back for our third multiples class, Kathy was wonderful as usual, I particularly liked the videos she played, although really none of us “liked” them, it’s the intro for medical options and two Cesarean operations, they are actually pretty terrifying, however, it’s better to watch them and know what to expect than being totally overwhelmed if not knowing what’s going on during labor, I am sure after watching the surgery, many of us would seriously consider a natural birth. We also went on a hospital tour, for us it’s the second time around, but it’s still helpful and after that tour we were able to think of a few more things we need to bring to the hospital. However, one of the ladies in the class all of a sudden passed out, which was pretty scary, she’s in her 17th week, probably she was hungry or dehydrated, good thing though she’s in the hospital so the nurses came in and helped her out while we continued on our tour.

Dr. Gil called today to check on me, he’s so nice! I asked him about the ingredients of Scientific Botanicals K1 Audrey uses for the oral drops for the babies. Later on he called back and says everything checks out, I am glad. I tried to switch my sitting position to be upright and use the birth ball instead of a chair, and tried to sleep at night just laying flat, it’s not easy, the muscle pain came back, not severe enough to wake me but every time I woke up and it would take a while for me to go back to sleep, my belly continue to stretch and get heavier for sure, I am glad at least the swelling of my feet went away. Bonnie lately has pushed her limit to getting into our room, she sleeps underneath our bed, a habit she had when I got her years ago, and by the morning, she would be outside of the bedroom. But lately early in the morning, she starts to jump onto our bed! Since we plan to co-sleep with the boys, we try not to let her get in the bed, but I am always amazed how smart this cat is.



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2 responses to “Get Ready for Lasik

  1. Kim

    I meant to tell you that you should add some food to the packing list for the hospital. You can find small things to “sneak” while nobody is looking, like honey straws. They will give you a boost of energy! Also, food for Michael. You probably won’t want him to leave once you get there and he needs his energy too! They shouldn’t have a problem with him having anything to eat, so pack whatever he might want (plus you can sneak a bit or two).

  2. I didn’t think of Michael, my list is so long already!

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