The Packing List (Draft)

Day: 31+5

For Labor & Delivery:

  • Paperwork (birth plan, etc.) *
  • Massage Oil or Lavender Scent, Candles, Flowers for focusing
  • Snack bars, tea, filtered water, yogurt and bananas for mom, Michael and hopefully myself
  • Almond oil
  • Music player with selected CD
  • Robe (kimono) and bath robe, bath towels
  • Hat for me
  • Lip Balm
  • Hair dryer
  • Massage bar
  • Rice sock

For Babies:

  • Hats
  • Receiving blankets
  • Mittens
  • Onesies
  • Eye drops
  • Vitamin K (Audrey)
  • Nursery Kit

For Hospital Stay:

  • Soap, Olive Oil, Toothbrush, sea salt, hand sanitizer
  • Shoes and slippers
  • Maternity Pillow
  • iPod, wireless headset, ear plugs, and chargers
  • Netbook, Clear Wi-Fi, chargers, extension cord
  • Camera and camcorders, chargers, tripod
  • Nursing pillow (leave in the car just in case)
  • Pillows and blankets for Michael and myself
  • Lanolin, Nursing pads, maxi pads *
  • Change of clothes for all *
  • Vitamins *

Did we miss anything?

(Thanks Kim!)

* revised or added



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3 responses to “The Packing List (Draft)

  1. Kim

    What about something comfortable to wear after delivery and for on the way home? You might also want a change of clothes for Michael and your mom incase they get messy.

    Also, any nursing bras, lanolin, pads…that you might have.

    The hospital will have plenty of onesies, receiving blankets, and hats for the babies, so you don’t really need those unless you have special ones that you want them to wear.

    Don’t forget to take a copy of your birth plan.

    I am starting to get so excited for you! Though we have only met once, I feel we have so much in common and it is so nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks natural is best!

  2. Thanks Kim, forgot about the paperwork, which is the most important thing! We dropped off the pre-registration form (really just they want to get the insurance info) and picked up the nursing pads today, also because I have a higher chance of hemorrhage – do they have maxi pads in the hospital?

    We’ve got the organic onesies, hats and blankets for the babies so we will bring those anyway. I like the idea of the hand-knitted hats at the hospital but I think the ones we have are more comfortable.

    There are so many like-minded people out there, Kim! I thought I was being really picky and almost rebellious about the practices at the hospitals but after reading the books, many other countries are a lot more supportive of midwives and natural birth. If you read Lamaze Official Guide, you will know! But the good news is there are alternatives, we just need to search for them and fight for what we want – that’s how hospital polices and routines are changed – write letters to them after the birth is a good way to initiate changes, thanks for the encouragement, that’s the greatest support we can ask for!

  3. Kim

    Yes, they will have plenty of maxi pads, really nice ones, and ice packs (which you’ll need to use if you end up with stitches) and even special underwear to help with everything.

    I know there are lots, millions, of people out there like us, but among my immediate group of friends and family, I am nearly the only one who cares about these things. I don’t mind standing for what is right though!

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