Mom is here

Day: 32 weeks

It’s a hot day today! Mom got in last night, the flight was delayed for over an hour but Nora, Joe went to the airport and got her before we did…it’s great to see Mom, she is energetic as usual. Today we went to the CAFA picnic party at Lake Wheeler Park, there weren’t too many activities, so bunch of us decided to go to lunch somewhere else, and we ended up at A&C and then all went to Pelligan’s Snoballs for treats. My feet were so swollen since we were out till 5pm and I didn’t get a chance to put them up, so we came home and I took a 2-hr nap and the swelling went away right away.

Mom was really happy to see everyone, Darriel picked her up in the air when he first saw her, it was so funny! And we plan on having a wonton/dumpling party next weekend, I don’t know how long I could go having fun like this since the pregnancy is getting harder for sure, need more naps and rest, food and rest. I am so glad Mom is here, she cooked dinner with me and it was great, and we talked for a long time to catch up while we folded the clothes, I am glad that she’s able to come and she sure will help us greatly.


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