The Virtual Shopping Spree


With delivery time drawing near, we decided to get our shopping done. After months of discussion and research, we are happy to try out a few but necessary items.

During Pregnancy:

  • Maternity Belt
  • Leacho Maternity Pillow
  • Ritmo Pregnancy Music player (didn’t use this one much since I am not sure if I will bother the babies when they are asleep)

After Delivery:

Our biggest decision was based on the belief that we do not want to carry our kids in car seats or strollers everywhere. Even though the Orbit Baby looks really appealing, the skin-to-skin approach makes a lot of sense, so baby carriers are a better option for us. We want to try out the co-sleeper as well when they are young, since that way we can respond to their needs quicker. My tmott buddy Callie and friend Christine also highly recommended Moby wrap so we might get one of those as well.

At the tmott consignment sale, we bought tons of infant wear for under 70 dollars, probably will be enough for the first 6 months, we already had plenty of organic onesies so we should have enough clothes for them. The only thing we need to think about is the diapers, Kathy told me about the Triangle Diaper Service so we might give that a try at the very beginning, but we want to stick to cloth diapers. The gDiaper sounds very interesting, which uses disposable but biodegradable refills, however the reviews don’t seem to be very convincing especially the leaking issues. So we will try out different cloth diaper brands, and styles and just have to see what will work for us.

Oh boy, it’s fun to shop for tons of stuff on Amazon, we also got the newest Samsung HMX-U20 camcorder, it’s small and actually a full-HD camcorder, at the amazing price of $150!



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4 responses to “The Virtual Shopping Spree

  1. Kim

    I love my ERGO! It is so convenient, however, I did not like using the infant insert at first. I felt like he got too hot in it.

    I wonder if you are planning to co-sleep long term or just while they are really little? I hear many babies have trouble transitioning out of the co-sleeping arrangement. In fact, I have a friend whose 3 year old is still sleeping with them. :-O) I have another friend who was totally committed to co-sleeping for as long as her children wanted to and she just couldn’t take it. Nobody was getting any sleep! She ended up having to do CIO as a last resort so everybody could get some rest. Just a word of caution, because it works well for some families, but not for others.

    I know you have done all kinds of research, so I am curious to learn what your perspectives are.

  2. Hi Kim, I read about the Ergo a lot and seems like most people claim they can carry the babies for much longer time, since it puts on less burden on the back. I am glad that you like it…The infant insert might be a concern since it will be summer when we start taking them out.

    There are couple of reasons Michael and I decided to try out the Snuggle Nest. It will be much easier for traveling, and we never like the idea of putting them in a crib we felt that we would miss the early signs of nursing or diaper change needs. We also believe that the Kangaroo care is critical for the bonding between parents and children. I am not sure when it will be a good time to transition them to have their independence but during infant years we believe it’s more important to keep them close to us, and since they are twins it will be better for them to stay together, they will feel more secure even though twins tend to cry more when they are put together. I do not think keeping them with us for years is a good idea, just like using pacifier but we haven’t looked into this issue in great details, we should definitely talk about it more.

  3. Kim

    Yes! One concern that you will have is travel. Co-sleeping, if it works for your family does make travel easier in some respects. I am not for or against the principle in general. It wouldn’t work for my family, but I can see it being beneficial in some circumstances.

    It seems many of your decisions are based on wanting to create a good atmosphere for bonding. Many moms don’t even think about it, so I think it is great that you are giving it consideration. However, I sense that you may be a little worried about this and I just want to assure you that no matter what sleeping arrangements you have, what carrier you use, or even if you get to hold the babies right after birth, you WILL bond with those babies. You are their mom. You have already nurtured them for 9 months. They know your voice, smell, sound…and they already love you! Congratulations on being a terrific mom even now!

  4. We got our Ergo yesterday! The infant insert sure looks too warm for the summer, so we will probably start using them during the fall, maybe a Moby wrap will work for the summer. I have no idea how things are going to unfold…but in general, we will try not to use toys, pacifiers, TV, games to keep them occupied when they are young, everything is planned so that we can spend as much time as possible with them. With twins, I am curious to see how they are going to react to each other, they may have complete different personalities (and that seems to be the case in most twin parents we talked to) and go on complete different schedule! Can’t plan for everything but just have to go with the flow. I was talking to Mom about her experience with birthing me, she didn’t see me 3 days after I was born, and I was perfectly fine, there was no support person allowed in the labor room, they used Pitocin(or whatever synthetic drug back in China in the 70s) but no epidural, no wonder it took her 36 hrs to deliver and she didn’t see it as a positive experience at all. Good news is that I read enough about it so her negative view on birthing didn’t seem to bother me, but rather seems to be a case study.

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