Remedies for Fever

Day: 32+2

Visited Dr. Gil today and we had another interesting conversation. He has some new ideas for us, my nose is still stuffed, and I believe that’s causing the headache, the fluid somehow doesn’t flow properly, when I lay down, it clears. So Dr. Gil recommended heating up eucalyptus oil and by sniffing it might clear my nasal passage, and/or using an infrared light (250W) to shine on one side of the face to heat up the surface temperature. The problem doesn’t bother me that much at first, it could be the mucous buildup or the pollen, I don’t feel sick but using only one nostril for three weeks start to really bother me. The neti pot works really great, but most of the time the water can’t get through from one nostril to the other. We also had a good laugh when Dr. Gil asked Michael to use a hammer to smash the microwaves, since I mentioned occassionally I use Microwaves to heat up things. He said the microwaves throw molecules into irregular pattern therefore destroys some of the nutrients in food!

We also talked about the fever, we were surprised to hear that fever is an excercise for babies to work on improving their immunity, so using a cool towel in most case is enough to cure a normal fever under 104 degrees. Using medication to surpress the symptons will prolong the sick time and in cases of polio, or infantile paralysis, lowering the temperature actually allows the virus to live longer so kids become infected (polio virus can’t survive above 101 degrees and it has flu like symptoms). None of Dr. Gil’s kids got any vaccinations, and they travel to places like India, all his kids are very healthy. I know the research on vaccination will be a tough one, and it’s about time to look into those issues. He’s not the only person we know who doesn’t vaccinate kids, Michael had another doctor who did the same thing. Also most vaccination has an expiration date, so we need to do a lot of reading on that. In general, I am not very supportive of vaccination, neither of us got any flu shots, I refused the H1N1 when I first found out I was pregnant, for the simple reason that they just started testing on pregnant women. In fact, many of these vaccination and flu shots came on the market before any testing was done. Its also not a secret during the fall last year, CDC advised the doctors to diagnose patients with flu-like symptoms as having H1N1, so the statistics are for sure questionable.


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