Michael had Lasik

Day: 32+3

Michael is all ready for his Lasik! Junjie picked us up and we arrived at TLC  at 10:30am, the surgeon had an emergency visit this morning so Michael’s Lasik surgery started a bit late, around noon. He was preped with xanax before the surgery to prevent anxiety and panic. Everyone was super nice in the office, and we were able to watch the whole procedure through a window, there’re two monitors, and the nurse Angi explained to us all the details throughout the procedure. One monitor first showed the cutting of the cornea, then the surgeon used an instrument to lift the flap, which is not completely detached, and the laser treatment only lasted 29 seconds per eye to reshape the cornea, pretty wild! Then they repeated the same thing on the other eye, the whole procedure only took about 20 minutes.

So Michael was all taped up when he got out around 1pm, a clear shield to prevent any direct contact with the eyes and a pair of shades to limit the lighting. We drove home right away so he can take a sleeping pill before the numbing drops wear off. He had a good breakfast and he didn’t seem to have any appetite after he got home, the sleeping pill took effect right away, so he went to sleep before 2pm, and didn’t wake up until 6:30pm for dinner. We carefully followed the instructions on using different drops for anti-inflammatory purpose and antibiotics, also preservatives-free tears for lubrication. It was absolutely hilarious when he walked out of the bedroom, Bonnie was totally surprised by him and she literally jumped up and ran away then came back, staring at Michael for a good five minutes with caution – she couldn’t recognize him because of his shields over his eyes. Its amazing how she can tell the difference!

For me, because of the pregnancy and future breastfeeding, I have to wait a while and have Lasik done when the hormones completely go back to normal level. But I am happy that Michael and finally take off his glasses, he looks even more handsome without them 🙂 So far, we are very pleased with TLC, they are very professional and personal. I was given a gift bag with two sets of baby clothes and a card with signatures from everyone in the office, although they are in premie size, I hope we don’t have to use them (they are for babies up to 5lbs) but it’s good to have a backup. Also TLC provides a lifetime care program which is comforting.


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  1. Troy

    That’s awesome, Michael! I’m glad you are having a good experience so far, and hopefully beyond. It certainly is another layer of freedom gained, huh?! Thanks for the update guys..

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