Multiples Class

Day: 32+4

In the morning, Michael went back to TLC for the day 1 post-surgery checkup and everything was good. Then we rushed to Triangle OBGYN, and met Dr. Grana. She seems to be pretty nice as well, and she was surprised how well I am doing…the babies’ last ultrasound showed Baby A is at 58 percentile, and Baby B at 67 percentile, the sugar level test came back, I was way below the GD limit (which is not surprising), I am glad she said my condition is perfect (Dr. Gil has full confidence I will be able to carry them to 38 weeks). The only thing I am concerned about is that I’ve been carrying them low and they are deep in the pelvis already, I need to talk to Audrey more about that when she comes next Monday to figure out if the pressure can really trigger preterm labor before 37th week and if that’s a possibility, what I can do to prevent preterm labor. We scheduled for the next appointment in two weeks, when we will have our birth plan finalized and signed. But we were hesitant about doing another ultrasound in 2 weeks, Dr. Grana wasn’t too happy about it but she’s okay with our decision eventually so we scheduled for the ultrasound at 37th week, at that point I should be ready to birth soon anyway.

In the afternoon, we did ton of shopping at Whole Foods, and Grand Asia, Mom is already craving for rice, she really can’t live without rice even for a day! So we stocked up the fridge and later in the afternoon we attended our last session of our multiple classe. WRAL took a short footage of the class, and Bonny Reid sat in for Kathy tonight, we really learned a lot from her last time at her breastfeeding class. The last session we had two guest speakers from tmott, the first couple had water broken at 29th week and she was put on bedrest until her delivery at 32 weeks plus 4 days, same day I am at today! Although the bedrest doesn’t seem to be a fun experience, from what I read, the biggest problem with bedrest is the loss of bone density, 1 week of bedrest is equivalent to 2 years of aging of skeleton (same for bedrest due to other medical conditions). There was a case a pregnant woman went on a 6-month bedrest and broke her heel bone once she got off the bed. It is not proven it actually helps with keeping the babies in, what we learned from the real story though is that it’s better to take care of the body before a complication arise rather than trying to fix the problems. Plenty of rest and well-balanced nutrition are the best insurance to a healthy journey to full term.  We really feel that the preventive care is so neglected in our culture and people often get caught in the mess of physical and financial trauma when its too late. From the real stories of Wendy and Emily, we did learn quite a few things that we won’t know otherwise, for example, a doctor can prescribe human milk that’s covered by insurance if the babies are premies and need to be bottle fed; tandem feeding is not a necessity; once babies are in NICU, they are under care of the NICU doctors not the pediatricians; tmott will lend out premie clothing; using a suringe to collect collostrium and pump milk no more than 30 minutes at a time, etc.  Although my favorite part of the multiples class is the techniques used in managing labor!

I will also need to check out the website Bonny told us to learn how to have the optimum fetal positioning for easier labor. We didn’t get home until 10:30pm, Mom made a big pot of chicken soup, Chinese style, it was delicious and we are so fortunate to have her here!



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7 responses to “Multiples Class

  1. Kim

    Are you planning to use cloth/disposable diapers or do you plan to “ba3” them?? Is that the right word? They wear split pants.

    • haha I didn’t think of split pants or 开裆裤 (kai1 dang1 ku4),maybe that’s the way to go, as long as we don’t get caught by the apartment complex, lol! We are planning on using cloth diaper, the gDiaper don’t have great review, I just bought some PVA drying cloth and now experimenting making cloth diaper refills with a layer of PVA cloth and a layer of old towel!

  2. Kim

    There is a whole movement called “Elimination Communication” in the US. It is based on the idea of Asian cultures who use split pants. You should do some research. It is quite fascinating and I think it is a real good option. Basically, you just watch your babies for signs that they need to go and then give them the opportunity by holding them over the toilet. Some people still use diapers incase of accidents and some people use diapers during naps and overnight. Some people go full throttle and leave a naked bum!

    Your mom can probably give you some tips. 😉

    About cloth diapers…many of my friends love Bum Genius diapers, but they can be pricey. Green Mountain is a good brand for Indian/Chinese prefolds. They a very good, inexpensive alternative, though they require a little more work than Bum Genius.

    Let me know what you think!

    • Mom said she used cloth diapers on me…this is very interesting. Maybe very early potty training is a good idea, the only thing I learned so far is from Ina May’s book, the privacy is very important for successful training with young children during potty training, almost like birth, you want the hormone to help the kids rather than preventing them from going. In the villages in China though, I think the EC is probably common, good idea but I don’t know if that’s feasible in our apartment, very cool if the parents can actually do it!!!

  3. Kim

    It is so much fun to discuss these things!! Check out this website. I really wanted to try it with Nate, but I was too overwhelmed by everything in the beginning and I missed his window of opportunity. Oh well!

    Ingrid Bauer seems to be the most well known author on the subject.

  4. Kim

    I like it because it adds a bit of separation so that transitioning them later might be easier. However, I think they may grow out of it quick, especially if you plan on putting them in there together. It may be just as easy/convenient to put their crib or pack-n-play in the room with you beside your bed. They will still be close enough for you to be sensitive to their cues. Trust me, you won’t miss them!

    Also, at first, nursing is going to be a challenge. You will probably need to sit up fully and get comfortable, probably propping yourself up with lots of pillows. It will be a big production at first. You may even have to have Michael bring the boys to you and help you position them until you get better at it. By the time you get the hang of it and they are old enough to nurse lying down, they will likely be too big to fit in any co-sleeper you may get anyway. Btw, my son never did like to nurse laying down anyway and I never thought it was that comfortable. I preferred to get in my rocking chair, pop him on, and let him nurse while I dozed back off in the chair. Then I could lay him right back down in the crib. He’d go right back to sleep and so would I.

    Your friends are right that it will all be VERY overwhelming at first. It is ok if you feel like it isn’t the greatest, most wonderful thing that has ever happened. More than likely you will be in basic survival mode for the first 3 months. Take whatever help people offer, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it and sleep when the babies are asleep!

    Your experience may be different. It may be a dream. It may be the easiest, most natural thing you’ve ever done. But I wish someone had told me that it was ok if it wasn’t that way. I am here to tell you that it is OK to be overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, scared…it will get better!! I absolutely love being a mom and those hard days were all worth it.

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