Wedge Pillow

Day: 32+5

Our most recent purchase was Boppy wedge pillow, I wanted to buy it before but was trying to use the maternity pillow to get by. However, the maternity pillow gets hot in the middle of the night, and I have been using the regular pillow to support my growing belly, but the pain was still there unless I prop up myself using tons of pillows. Then I learned it’s not good to be in the semi-reclining position. So last night, I laid flat on my left side and just used the wedge pillow, and there was no pain, so Elizabeth Noble was right in her book “Having Twins”, a wedge pillow provides firm support and it’s a necessity for late pregnancy. This afternoon I took a nap and used the maternity pillow and the wedge it worked great, so finally we found the solution for relieving the pain.

I also read a lot today on, there’s a lot of good information on the site talking about how to achieve optimum fetal position, which makes sense I think. There are also many new techniques the author talked about like sifting with a Rebozo scarf, and inversion to turn the baby head down, etc. Many good ideas to put the baby in LOA position. I also got the access to tmott forum but was a bit surprised on the specific topic of Vaginal Birth vs. C-section, how casually moms talked about C-section.

Joe came over in the afternoon, so four of us took a walk for about an hour, then we went to S-Mart for dinner, it was fun and I felt good walking after a 2-hr nap. I can definitely feel the pressure from the growing weight, I gained almost 40 lbs by now!


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