Wonton Dumpling Party

Day: 32+6

Another busy Saturday, I can’t believe I tired myself out so much, got up at 6am, then went to the Western Wake Farmer’s Market for grocery shopping, followed by our Parent-Baby Connection class at WakeMed Cary, after lunch (thanks to Mom we can just eat and go) we attended the first Chinese Speech Contest organized by Confucius Institute, then we hurried back home for the wonton/dumpling party, by the end of the day, my feet were so swollen from sitting for so long and the exceptional hot weather.

Bonny and Debbie taught the Parent Baby Connection class, and we learned a lot about how to change the diaper (both cloth and disposable especially to fold in the edge to leave room for the cord in the first week), how to swaddle the babies, how to bathe them (sponge bath and tub bath), also we went through a lot of exercises like shopping essentials, time management (see pictures, mine and Michael’s,  green area for baby care), postpartum depresson, safety tips, etc. We really think the classes at WakeMed Cary are wonderful and provide great resources for parents-to-be.

The Chinese Speech Contest was awesome, we were so impressed with the middle school and high school students, especially listening to the high school students who only studied Chinese for 6 months, it was definitely very motivating for Michael. Some of the kids have been to China and did wonderful slide show of their trips.

Our little apartment in the afternoon was packed with friends, Lanlan brought beautiful flowers for mom. We made various kinds of wonton and dumpling, from scratch, Welkin’s fish, tofu and egg filling was delicious and something new we had never had before. Nora made Chinese chives, cabbage and pork filling, Juan made Chinese chive and egg filling for the dumplings. For wonton, we had Sheperd’s Purse and pork, shrimp and chicken fillings. WIth many people, the task seemed to be a lot less stressful and it was wonderful to talk to everyone for hours. Darriel stopped by and dropped off two Mother’s Day cards for me and Mom, he’s so sweet!

I know my body can’t cooperate with our usual busy schedule any more, I really need to take it easy since by the end of the day I was exhausted, so today is the last “madness before birth” day!


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