Happy Mother’s Day

Day: 33 weeks

Today we got our second Snuggle Nest and we placed both of them in bed and seems like it’s going to work. The weather turned cold, and we visited John and Nicole, they are due May 22nd, it was always good to get advice from parents, and almost everyone tells us to get our sleep now.

Its Mother’s Day and I got couple of cards and wishes this year it is strange to think that I will be a mom but I really can’t wait! We took Mom to C&T, with Nora, Joe and Junjie. With my growing belly, I noticed more pressure on the bladder, and it gets harder to roll off bed. The interesting thing is though, I get all kinds of comments, most of people think my belly isn’t that big, some think it’s huge, sometimes I wonder what people go by making those comments, I feel that I am big, the belly seems to be very firm and tight, babies are getting stronger for sure, their kicks are deifnitely harder than before, sometimes my belly even shakes a bit!


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