One Goal at a Time

Day: 33+1

Today Audrey came over and said the babies are at good weight, probably close to 5 lbs each, we were thrilled to hear that, it’s very encouraging to start our 34th week! She’s also confident that I will be able to carry them to at least 36 weeks (one goal at a time), even though I have a bit of swelling and now I need to go to the restroom more often, but they are normal discomfort and pregnancy “symptoms”. Ever since I got the Boppy wedge pillow, sleeping at night becomes a lot easier, I can lay flat on the side now without pain and the babies will assume their positions, Baby A will be closer to my chest and Baby B will be down below, during the day they will be more side by side, it’s very interesting! Its also interesting that Audrey said having girls usually cause more nausea and sickness, this is what most Chinese say as well 🙂

We went through some more details and mostly spent our time working on the communication and expectation during the process, from starting the labor and arriving at the hospital, how to express our wishes to the nurses, etc. It’s really a good idea for us to have a midwife, at least she will be with us throughout the labor and delivery, and she will be able to administer the PKU and Vitamin K. I am really concerned though, in the US and many other countries, midwives are becoming less and less valued and people are getting less and less informed and confident about their body but putting their faith into the hands of the doctors, rather than learning on their own about having a healthy pregnancy, and natural and empowering birth. Even though all the routine, medical interventions are designed for a good reason, and necessary for some people, it is evident to us that these interventions are so abused.

My daily routine now is even more rigid, with more water consumption (great way to keep them in there for longer), and I try to eat as much turkey and chicken as possible, also lots of veggies. They are low in the pelvis all along but maybe that’s the reason I haven’t had a problem eating and getting full. Mom, Michael and I took a walk again today, and we walked past our little bird family, today both the male and female birds put on a show for us, it was hilarious, I am glad their eggs are still there – all four of them! Tomorrow we need to bring them more flax seeds and millet.


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