Day: 33+2

Michael met with Dr. Marino for his one week Lasik post surgery appointment today and everything’s fine. After the visit, we went to the Fujisan Hibachi at Brier Creek, the Hibachi chef is Chinese and later on we found out he’s actually from Shanghai, so we spoke Shanghai dialect during lunch, it was fun talking to him. He moved to the US in 1996, and apparently wants to move back to Shanghai ASAP.  Michael got to practice his Chinese and a little bit of Shanghai dialect with him as well.

Welkin forwarded me an interesting article today on epigenetic – Rats on Junk Food Pass Cancer Down the Generations – the concept I first read about from Dr. Oz’s book “YOU: Having a Baby”. At the time, I thought it made a lot of sense, we are programming our babies since the day they start their lives in our womb, everything we eat and drink, every breathe we take, is composing and affecting the blueprints of their genetic map. Preterm labor is our body determining the time that it was better off for the fetus to be outside the womb than staying inside, due to various reasons, and we firmly believe that nutrition is a huge factor. If a pregnant woman eats fast food, fried food, the fetus will assume the outside environment is nutrition depleted, storing more fat to preserve energy, therefore developing health risks like obesity later in life. Audrey also mentioned that pregnant women craving for ice-cream or sugar is a sign of deficiency in calories. I tend to think if a pregnant woman is on a well-balanced diet, she should not have much cravings at all. There’s very little we know when it comes to the link of nutrition to fetal development, there’s so much more than just OMEGA-3, so the best bet is really to eat a variety of foods, fibers (veggies, fruits and whole grains), and stay away from things that is not going to be good for their development, like sugar, caffeine and chemicals.

We are happy to see the birds are still doing fine, although today the mommy bird didn’t take off she really stayed with the eggs and screamed and opened up her wings and tails right in front of our eyes, I was a foot away from her before she decided to step aside, we dropped off the flax seeds and millet and left her alone, amazing instinct! Maybe it was because the weather is too cold that she is risking her own life to stay with her babies…glad Michael was able to take some close-up pictures.


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