Day: 33+3

We went to Galaxy Cinema, watched and loved the documentary “Babies“, and it was a perfect movie for Mom since there’s not much conversation involved.  The documentary follows first year of life of four newborns in four different countries – Mongolia, Japan, US and Namibia. I am mostly impressed by how fast they grow and how different they look in a few months! We love the scenery in Mongolia the most, it was so beautiful and baby Bayar grew up with cattle, in comparison, the babies in Tokyo and SF could only look at the animals in picture books or in the zoo. The documentary really shows distinct cultural differences, where in Namibia, even though there’s no medical assistance whatsoever, birth and raising a baby is so natural, and in SF, baby Hattie started her life in NICU. This is the most interesting thing about this documentary: although they are all happy and well, there’s something about baby Ponijao and Bayar growing up in primitive, or natural environment that’s really appealing, and you know they will become tough and healthy kids. Overall, very cute babies, very well done documentary.

Ellen and Marty stopped by on their way to Florida, and it was great seeing them. Marty’s dog Kara is Chinese (Tibetan) and we all enjoyed watching her and Bonnie reacting to each other. Michael and I were really surprised that Bonnie did not take off when Kara first barked at her, her hair on her back was totally standing up but she stood her ground and kept watching Kara all the time. It was really funny. We decided to go to Angus Barn, and Ellen insisted on celebrating my birthday, dinner was lovely but I can never finish the food there, the portion at Angus Barn is just huge! We enjoyed meeting Marty and glad that OMO looks well and happy. I am very proud of her determination on losing her weight, and how well she recovers from her hip replacement surgery.


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