Bed Rest, Breastfeeding and Infant Formula

Day: 33+4

We visited Dr. Gil today again and I felt asleep so comfortably with my wedge pillow during the acupuncture 🙂 In the evening, we attended the tmott outreach program again, it was very helpful to listen to the moms talking about their experience, however, it was also painful to hear some of them being so excited about their upcoming scheduled C-section. One lady was really worried about the advice she got from her OB that she needs to be on the bed rest at 24 weeks, and she has no medical problem whatsoever, we just couldn’t believe what we heard, sounds like for some OBs, the bed rest is becoming the norm at their practice.

There’s no scientific or comprehensive research show that bed rest actually improves the outcome of the birth, and again, it is designed for women who had medical problems, say if they had membrane rupture and needs to be monitored for possible infection. The biggest problem with bed rest is the loss of bone density and potential harm from the psychological impact from being confined. We were glad that we met Andrea and Chad, they are planning on a home birth and a hospital birth, it’s so rare to meet couples, especially with twins, who are like minded and are well informed, I wanted to scream at the meeting when I heard about moms giving the formula to their babies purely for convenience or for their own sanity, and telling everyone that they need to be open-minded!

Does FDA approve infant formulas before they are marketed?

The law does not require that FDA approve infant formulas but instead requires companies to provide certain information to FDA before they market new infant formulas. Manufacturers must provide assurances that they are following good manufacturing practices and quality control procedures and that the formula will allow infants to thrive. If such assurances are not provided, FDA will object to the manufacturer’s marketing of the formula; however, the manufacturer may market the new infant formula over FDA’s objection.


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