Day: 33+5

Mom insisted on me getting a hair cut, so I did. The Chinese way of postpartum has been a very strict tradition of resting at home, it’s called “zuo4 yue4 zi” or “坐月子”, no air-conditioning, no shower or bath, and no exposure to cold water or air for a whole month! Cutting hair in such gruesome condition is a must, all these measures are taken to prevent chronic diseases that may well develop after the major event of delivery! I don’t know how much I can follow, can’t imagine not turning on air in July or sharing the bed with Michael and the babies being smelly for a month but almost from every Chinese friend I’ve talked to, it is a must to prevent health problems down the road.

So I gave in, and called upon a Chinese lady in Cary for a haircut, the family just moved to the US two months before, and she does haircut at her house, which is really nice since I am very reluctant to go to a salon and get exposed to all the chemicals. The husband is a Chinese doctor so Mom had fun chatting with him while his wife worked on my hair for about an hour. Michael and I both like long hair, it’s evident from the pictures :(, but I have to say it’s a lot easier after all that hair is gone!

My sleep pattern seems to start to change, I wake up between 6:30a and 7am, but usually take a 2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoon, with the wedge pillow, sleeping actually becomes a lot easier. Now I’ve gained 40lbs steadily (weight fluctuates day from day), but I still feel fine, just need to pay attention not to sit or stand for long periods of time since my feet now get swollen very easily if I am not careful.



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4 responses to “Haircut

  1. Maljana

    You were so brave to make this big cut. I admire you! Did Michael like your new hairdo? You look so beautiful with short hair!! And have you regretted it since the cut and what did you do with your long hair?

  2. No, women in labor get so hot and some want to cut their hair during labor…and after delivery women sweat a lot too. Dr. Gil said it’s a good thing to do 🙂 Michael and I both like my long hair, but it will take no time to grow it. I never particularly care too much about my hair, the lady who cut it had a hard time though – since I didn’t perm or dye my hair and she loved it!

  3. Monique

    You look so amazing with short hair! How did you feel just after the cut? It had to be freer. 🙂 And what did you do with your cut hair, kept it for memory?

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