The All-in-one Surprise Party!

We walked into the club house for the Saturday Chinese class on “family”, and got the biggest surprise! Our friends host a surprise party for us, it was so overwhelming and I couldn’t hold back my tears – I told Nora that we don’t want to have a baby shower, but here they are, balloons, cake, and even a twins fund (two piggy banks painted as tigers). Everyone brought over food, cards and good spirits! Nora ordered a beautiful cake, it’s indeed an all-in-one party (birthday and shower plus cutting the cake like in a wedding), but so much better than anything we could ever ask for – being with our friends! Nora took two days off work, planned and prepared for it, Anne designed the fun games that we all love: guessing my weight size, feeding the babies and baby picture drawing, we had so much fun! When I joined the meetup group back in 2007, and never thought it would turn out to be such a great adventure – meeting Michael and having such a supportive circle of friends, and it’s still growing 🙂

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