Birth Plan Signed!

Day: 34+1

Just returned from the Doc’s office, the visit was quick and efficient, all the tests were fine, my blood pressure is steadily increasing, which is normal, it went from 104, 108, 112 to 116 today (140 is the alarming number), heart rates are both in the 140s. Dr. V congratulates me on passing the first milestone of 34 weeks, when the babies’ lungs are free of developmental problems, and we will be shooting for the next milestone of 36 weeks! We went over our draft with him about a month ago and he quickly signed the birth plan today and was perfectly okay with our decision to postpone the ultrasound till 37th week and have it done at Dr. Deigan’s. We are really happy with our decision of switching to Triangle OB/GYN, its like night and day and we didn’t expect that we would find any OB in the area who is so supportive of our desires of having a natural birth with no intervention and medication unless it’s absolutely necessary. We saw Lucie again, she’s as warm as usual, I will feel very comfortable if she attends the birth too! Dr. V is so lay back and he was really funny, when he saw the signature line, he asked Michael, “are you a lawyer”? He also said even if the babies are born now, they will just stay in the NICU for an hour or two, so we were happy to hear that.

In the past few weeks, we were not sure if we should draw up a short version of a long version but we decided to go with our own 2-page bullet point format, and if the hospital staff doesn’t like it we will just have to ask for someone else who’s more supportive of our wishes.  Of course if there’s any complication or emergency, we will be comfortable with Dr. V’s decision to do whatever is necessary to ensure the utmost important goal – ensure the babies are healthy when they come out one way or another.


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  1. Michael

    Also, Dr V. found the hearts of both babies the first time! He is really good because all previous docs took several tries to find the hearts. He said that it was easy because the babies are getting quite big.

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