Lamaze Class

Day: 34+2

We went to Carmax today to get an estimate on Michael’s Dodge, and stopped by Glenwood Grill, what a lovely restaurant, Mom loved the shrimp and grits, and Michael and I enjoyed our food just as much.

We are starting our class with Elissa Brody today, this is the last series of classes and I am glad that we made it, at least the first session of the four, which last two weeks. Elissa hosts her classes at home which is only a few minutes away from us. There were two other couples, they are having boys as well. She talked about nutrition, exercises, coping skills, sleeping positions and went into details about the normal labor phases – early, active, transition and pushing – with a focus on how dads react to each phase: being an entertainer during early labor, legitimizing the moms’ feeling during active labor and being supportive during transition even if moms ask dads to get out of sight. I know during labor moms have to turn off their thinking mind and just follow their primitive instinct so these are helpful skills for dads! I thought Elissa is really great and fun. She also has an exchange student from Japan who lives with her, so we got to chat with her a little bit.

After we got home, we watched a twin natural birth, this is by far the best video for twin birth I’ve seen! The mom, Nancy, went to full term and delivered the twins without medication, and she was able to have skin-to-skin contact right after the baby girls were born and she was able to nurse them right away. It was very encouraging. I am hoping for a birth that we desire: delivery in the labor room, no medical intervention, skin to skin and rooming in, so far no twin mom I know or talked to have had all that but maybe we will be able to do it!

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