Amazing Abilities of Newborn

Day: 34+3

I turned 34 today and the babies are doing well. The boys definitely move a lot more and make me walk really funny 🙂 We walked around Lake Johnson for about an hour in the evening, and it was really a beautiful day, the weather has been cool, which makes exercising a lot easier.

It’s great to have Mom here, especially now it’s getting harder and harder for me to kneel and move around. I noticed that I dropped stuff very easily because of the aching joints and it weakens my strength to hold things. Mom made pineapple fried rice, onion with chicken and my favorite soup today, it’s so wonderful. We are all working hard to keep the boys comfortable in the womb so they can grow better inside! I still eat a lot, about 7~8 meals a day – my stomach doesn’t seem to be getting small since the babies are so low, and I am thirsty all the time, by now they should be 5 lbs each already and the space is probably getting crowded even though my belly stretches to the point that I can feel the pain in lower part of the belly and around the belly button.  In the afternoon, Mom and I watched Lamaze baby care video, it was quite helpful I think to learn these basic care techniques. It will be fun to try them out on the boys once they are here, the newborns seem to be so much more intelligent than I thought, and there’s so little we know about what they are truly capable of. All the commercial products may actually prevent them from developing for example, TV, toys, car seat, cribs, no wonder babies cry so much.  In some cultures, babies only cry a few minutes each day because the parents spend all the time with them and know the cues of their needs before they get to the point they are so upset and cry. And all the stress hormone induced by the crying sure is not a good thing for their development. I hope Michael and I will be able to do a good job spending a lot of time with them, talking, singing, playing and just hanging out.


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2 responses to “Amazing Abilities of Newborn

  1. Kim

    So glad you are still able to exercise! Make sure you check well for ticks after being outside!

    • Good idea, I’m having some blisters on my finger joints, strange. Dr. Gil said I can grind up potato, leave them on the skin and pull the poison out. It’s probably poison ivy.

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