Revisiting the Packing List and Protein Counter

Day: 34+5

I love Friday although I don’t have a work schedule, but Friday is when we can go out to eat and take a break from my routine diet – eggs, salad, sweet potatoes, greens and whole grains. Michael loves S-Mart and ever since we started eating there he orders Bubogi and we’ve going there on Friday night for a while.

Yesterday after we visited Dr. Gil, we stopped by a neat store called The Red Hen in Carrboro, we bought another set of cloth diaper and a changing pad, and I was able to get some pre-owned nursing bra at great prices, I wish the store is closer to us! Dr. Gil is always so encouraging, and he always has a lot of confidence in me carrying the twins to full term, and even longer…

Last night we watched more videos, it was about the Kangaroo Care, Kathy has shown us part of this video at our multiples class but we were happy to learn more about it, it is especially good for premature baby, and the way they wrap the baby to leave air way is interesting, using a piece of triangular cloth to wrap the baby (frog-shape on chest) first then wear a kimono type shirt on top of it. I love the idea of Kangaroo care, and you can leave both of your hands free. Another video we watched was called “Special Delivery”, it was made by Rahima Baldwin, who wrote the book “Special Delivery”, it was the second pregnancy book I read and although it was old (published in 1970s) it has excellent information on birthing techniques and it was the introduction of natural birth for us (before that I assumed C-section is the way to go for twin birth). The film talked about three different types of birth, at home, with midwife and at hospital. All three birth stories had its own challenges but all ended well, the couple who desires the natural birth at a hospital had a real tough time to get the labor started, but they did it eventually without a C-section, and the  Epidural did help in this case. Just like Elissa said, every birth is different, and you have to look at the whole picture and make the informed decision on medication and various procedures.

So today I finished the book “Prepared Childbirth The Family Way”, same authors who wrote the multiple book given by Kathy, I really like this book and it made me revisit my packing list, and I thought it is a good idea to have a separate bag for delivery and a suitcase for postpartum. I also find the Protein, Calorie and Fat Counter quite useful.



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3 responses to “Revisiting the Packing List and Protein Counter

  1. Kim

    You should tell them to look into hospital policy. Certain hospitals have policies that will cover medical costs for people without insurance. They may also qualify for a special Medicaid for pregnant women.

    • They’ve worked with Rex already…and they have looked into Medicaid already but they do not qualify.

    • Oh another thing, they’ve already set up the payment plan with the OB, so initially I thought they could look into getting a midwife (who will be able to help them on everything other than C-section) with a set price and then use the hospital as a back-up (I don’t know if it’s possible if you don’t have an OB, probably not). That will end up cheaper but apparently they don’t want to explore that possibility.

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