Fun Saturday at Lake Crabtree County Park

Day: 34+6

Michael sold his truck today, so we got up early to visit Western Wake Farmer’s Market with Welkin, then headed over to Carmax. Welkin gave us a ride back and gave me a bag of clothes that she thought I would be able to wear in the last few weeks, and I love her selection! We also ran into Hannah at the market, talked to a mom who has twin boys, it was encouraging to hear from her that I am doing well, she said she was miserable in her 34th week, could barely walk and went for an elective C-section at 36 weeks.

We went to Asian Aroma for lunch and got Mom her favorite roast duck there, then met up with Nora and Joe in the afternoon, the sun came out in the early afternoon so it was a bit warm, Nora and Joe were fishing so Michael and I decided to take a pedal boat ride on Lake Crabtree, it was so much fun, just the right type of exercise for me, we were on the boat for about half an hour and really enjoyed the view and the tranquility. It’s always so much fun to hang out with Nora and Joe, and I am glad I can do more than just walking!

We came home and while Mom was cooking dinner, we both felt asleep on the couch, and just learned that Nicole has delivered baby Tyler, can’t wait to meet the little guy 🙂


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