Completing 35 Weeks

Day: 35 weeks

The weather has been really unpredictable today, storm after storm, coupleo f times we tried to go out for a walk but then we had pouring rain. I organized all the pictures during pregnancy, actually from Day 1 in Brazil till today, it’s amazing to see how my body changed over time since last year, and how we are not used to looking at me before pregnancy 🙂

Also started to pack my hospital bag, its kind of funny that I have such a long list just for couple of days there, yesterday we went to the farmer’s market and I bought some baby products from a local natural soap and scent maker, so that completes the shopping list for what we needed for the initial weeks.

We ended up going out for dinner at Pei Wei, the babies are moving a lot but since their sizes are bigger I feel every movement they make, and the pressure. Feet are swollen, getting down or squatting gets harder too, but it’s still manageable. We are so excited that we have one more week to reach our next goal of 36 weeks.



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2 responses to “Completing 35 Weeks

  1. Kim

    Poor swollen feet. Did you ever get any info about the Ted Hose?

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