Meeting Tyler

Day: 35+1

So exciting that I am starting my 36th week! We saw Dr. V again today and nothing really changed and he’s really cool about me not having the cervix checked (I am not too concerned about pre-term labor at this point so cervix check will just be a risk for infection). He said completing 36 weeks for twins are considered full-term, although from the books it’s 37 weeks, anyway, I still feel fine, I can sleep through the night with 2 or 3 restroom visits so nothing is really bothering me yet. It seems though everyone assumes that I must be miserable at this point, I guess I am doing okay.

We stopped by Nicole and John’s, and met Tyler – he’s really a beautiful baby and I got to hold him for a while. We were surprised to learn that Nicole had a C-section, since she’s walking around, holding the baby and she only stayed in the hospital for 2 days. She got induced but she never went into labor and the baby wasn’t descending at all, so it turned out that the cord was around his neck five loops when he came out surgically. Nicole looked fine though I am glad that she didn’t go through too much pain then find out she was going to get a C-section anyway.

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