Bentonite for Detoxification

Day: 35+2

At one point, I was using baking soda to brush my teeth on a daily basis then I got really sensitive teeth. Dr. Gil told me about Bentoniten – it is made from volcanic ash, and comes in different forms, liquid or clay. It is not a chemical, but physical.

The clay form is used for topical treatment of acne. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay can also be used to cover the tooth that you have pain from, leave it overnight and it pulls the bacteria out.

During pregnancy, having skin rashes is very common, I asked Dr. V about it yesterday since I have some rashes on my hands. Dr. Gil suggested a natural healing remedy for poison: grind the potato and cover the area that has poison, rashes or blisters. It works in cases of bee bites, poison ivies, etc.

I got the Sonnie’s #7, which is a liquid form of Bentonite, most people use it for internal cleansing. I find this more effective for my skin rashes though, it dries out quickly and takes away the itches. People drink it for intestinal detox purpose and it’s much safer than fasting. Both products can be found at Whole Foods.


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