Our Final Co-sleeping Solution

Day: 35+3

It’s a day worth celebrating, 35.4 weeks is the average gestation time for American twins. Hopefully I will get into next week and start my 37th week, then every single day will be a bonus!

The biggest problem we face is the co-sleeping arrangement. From what we learned, co-sleeping in the initial months is really good for babies, you are able to notice the early cues of feeding and wet diapers if babies are within your reach. With twins, placing them together in the first three months gives them more comfort since that’s what they have been used to for the 9 months in the womb. The risks involved with co-sleeping mostly come from parents who are overweight and roll over, or taking drugs or alcohol. I’ve been searching for the co-sleepers for a while, from craigslist mostly since we are only going to use it for less than 3 months. It looks like the only brand out there is Arms Reach, even though the original holds up to 30lbs and the mini holds up to 23lbs, there were many complaints about the quality, poorly-written manual, difficult assembly, and the mattress that comes with it is really thin and hard, many parents said the babies just won’t sleep in it. I also found a company in UK who makes the bedside crib called Bednest, but it’s 199 euro plus international shipping, it seems to be well made but too small for twins.

So Michael came up with the idea of tatami mat, I like the idea of sleeping on the floor, the height of the floor tatami mat is 2″ thick so the babies won’t fall, and the standard king size is 76*80in (you buy them in a pair) so it’s big enough for four of us. The straw stuffing gives it enough cushion for comfort. The downside of the tatami mat is almost no one carries them since there’s not much demand for it, so we have to go with an online seller, the shipping is almost half of the price of the mat. But in the end we ordered a pair, thought we would give it a try and see how it works!



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4 responses to “Our Final Co-sleeping Solution

  1. Michael

    Note, we had discussed getting a Tatami mat before. Our experience last summer in Japan sleeping on a Tatami was enjoyable. So hopefully the mat that we are getting now will be equally as comfortable.

  2. francis

    hi there, for the new born sleeping on the tatami, what would you use such as to avoid both of you accidentally hitting the babies with your arms or covering them with blanket etc…

    • Hi Francis, I am not sure if you have the baby already. We were sleeping only a few hours for the first year or two I think. We never really had that problem, babies do not roll around or anything, and somehow being parents you are always alert…We did co-sleeping all the way to 22 months, they are still sleeping on the mattress, never used the cot, it was great.

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