Record Keeping

Day: 35+4

Michael and I have been doing a good job keeping our records during the pregnancy, he wrote a program to use the Wii balance board to record my weight, and I have been keeping recording my weight (almost) on a daily basis since last December. Michael can utilize the data to draw charts and make analysis. I was worried about not gaining enough weight for a long time all the way until the 3rd trimester, Dr. Deigan said I would gain about 40 lbs at 11th week, the data here shows from Dec 1 (around 110lbs) but actually my pre-pregnancy weight was about 105 lbs (BMI 21.4 which is normal not underweight), so over time, what we found out was I would gain 2 lbs all of a sudden one day then lost a lbs the next day, then gain a bit more, this pattern continued almost throughout the pregnancy. According to Barbara Luke’s book, pregnant women carrying twins with normal BMI gain about 45~55 lbs, so actually I was doing just fine all along with weight.

Another thing I do is to keep a food log, for months, this has been a very helpful tool to keep track of what I eat, what vitamin or tea I take, at specific time. In many cases, I forget whether I have taken certain, say iron pills. So the food log really does the trick to remind myself (memory loss is definitely one of the pregnancy symptoms). Another benefit of keeping a food log is I am very encouraged to complete the daily necessary food list, say I want to eat 3 to 4 eggs a day and somehow it’s motivating to accomplish that goal by writing it on the log. It quickly became habit for me, I get up in the morning, empty my bladder and weight myself, write it down, then start the daily routine: psyllium, smoothie, eggs, and meals, vitamins, etc. Dr. Gil likes to look at them every time I visit him, and he refines my diet based on what I have written down. Also for certain vitamins, for example, calcium and iron, they need to be taken at least one hour apart because they bind each other, so it’s really good to look at the exact time when I take them.

So I got the idea from Dr. Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein’s book “When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads”, to do a log for the babies. There are couple of reasons to do so:

  • Keep track of babies’ weight, meds and growth details on a daily basis;
  • Help get them on the same feeding schedule, if we let the twins totally control their feeding time, neither of us will get any sleep, knowing their sleep, feed, and diaper schedule makes it easier to adjust;
  • Helpful for their caregiver in case of any health issue arise;
  • Makes us feel good and it’s fun to look back.

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