Is this MY Shoe? – Discomfort at 36th Week

Day: 35+5

Every week, I feel very different, this week has definitely been harder than last week. The rashes I had on my hands are soothed by Sonne’s #7, and I barely notice my aching joints (it’s funny that sometimes you just get used to things even pain) but this morning I woke up with such an itching belly! I couldn’t help scratching it for a good 5 minutes, the end result: a few bloody red stretch marks! The boys must be growing like crazy right now, I am just thankful that my appetite has never decreased ever since getting pregnant and still eating every 2 and half hours. Audrey said they were deep in the pelvis already at 31 weeks, so I don’t know if I will ever feel the “lightening”, which occurs approximately two weeks before the labor starts. So far, nothing has changed yet.

We went out for lunch today with Welkin to La Farm bakery, and I felt really sleepy right after eating my Poulet Tatine, Mom loved her hot chocolate and coconut macaroon, I can’t believe  how much she loves cheese and bread, with her 90 lbs of body!!! We stopped by the wine store next door and picked up a bottle of organic red wine, it is for the moment just before we head over to the hospital, 4 oz only, to relax the body! After I got home, I headed right to bed and didn’t wake up until 3 o’clock, the tiredness, swelling, and inconvenience of moving around definitely magnified this week!

We are thrilled that we are getting so close to the full 36 weeks, Dr. V said once I pass 36 weeks, it’s considered full term and babies don’t need to go into the NICU if it’s a vaginal birth with no problems. We also completed all the birth classes we signed up for: breastfeeding, parent-baby connection, multiples class at WakeMed Cary and childbirth classes with Elissa. We loved all the classes and learned so much from every instructor, they all have different experiences, I particularly think Elissa’s perspective as a nurse-midwife helped greatly with a realistic expectation of what will happen in the hospital, it was very practical and needed because that’s the part we can’t really learn from reading or watching videos,  Michael thinks her class helped Dad greatly, using various techniques, what to say and do to support the mom in order to cope with labor, how to interact with the hospital staff and we saw a lot of pictures of what newborns look like and certain conditions that are normal and abnormal. Each class builds up our knowledge base and confidence and we are very glad that we participated…and Michael is such a supportive dad-to-be :), I have no fear and no doubt that we will be well prepared for whatever comes on the big day!


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