Diaper and Home-Made Wipes

Day: 35+6

Shenna called from Belgium, and I was so glad to talk to her and see cute Noémie, she laughs a lot and sure looks like a happy baby, Shenna is 24 weeks with a second baby girl, I really miss them, the Belgian sisters are always so much fun!

We watched the “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf – Tiger Prowess” today at NC State, we had about 13 people attending this meetup, Michael and I thought it was a very cute cartoon but I forgot to bring the DVD so we ended up going back home again – I hope my memory loss problem will go away after the delivery! Fortunately we had prepared the raffle to kill some time so people didn’t get too bored…

We are excited to see that we are almost 36 weeks, at night, my skin rashes got worse but Bentonite helped! I am wondering if that will be a good remedy for the babies if they get the summer rashes. We had the natural products ready for them – soap, baby oil (I might just use olive oil) and diaper rash ointment. I also bought Baby Banz infant sunglasses for them as well, still searching for sun hats – they are not supposed to be under direct sun until they are six months old when we can use sunblock on them.

For the diaper situation, this is what we are planning on doing – using disposables for the initial weeks, we chose Seventh Generation since it’s Chlorine, fragrance & latex free, which will give us some time to get used to them and not be too overwhelmed. Then we will put them on the various cloth diapers we have, FuzziBunz, gDiaper, BumGenius, BabyKicks organic, and see which brand fits the best and most comfortable.

For the wipes, Elissa gave us a very interesting recipe to make them at home,

  • 1/2 Roll Bounty Big Roll
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Baby Wash

Mix the liquids and let the paper towel soak in it in a covered container. In a world that everything we buy from the stores, we have almost forgotten how babies were cared for in the old days!


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  1. Michele

    Cynthia, I am SO excited for you! It sounds like the odds for you to hold twins this long were against you but you did your homework, that’s for certain!! Am holding you and Michael in my thoughts for the big day now!! Also, I also used water and almond oil over here with cotton pads to wipe M and D’s bums! Good advice you are getting from Elissa;)

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