Finishing Up 36 Weeks

Day: 36 weeks

We made it – reaching the very important milestone of 36 weeks, despite the discomfort and my increasingly itchy belly and body! Now Li and Lin’s lungs are fully developed so every day from now on, in the next two weeks which is the optimum time for twins to be born, is a bonus 🙂 We are just waiting for the delicate dance conducted by the babies: onset of labor, when they send their “fight or flight” hormone catecholamines and trigger a series of pain and joy.

We had a wonderful time with Nora and Joe today, I must have eaten a ton of food, literally. Nora prepared the curry chicken, pineapple with shrimp, chicken sausage (since I can’t eat hot dogs), corn, turkey burger, strawberries and watermelon, and Joe did the cooking (find proof in the picture to the right)! I had a few sips of soda and a piece of hot dog, they tasted really good but I had to do it when Michael was distracted :p  I brought my maternity pillow which helped greatly to make myself comfy in the futon, and we watched Samantha Brown’s “Passport to China”, Mom really enjoyed it, so did we.


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